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Merida Update Oct. 3

Monday night I decided that I would finally cut out the fabric for my Princess Merida, so I carefully laid everything out on the fabric I had so carefully dyed only to find out that I hadn’t dyed enough for the sleeves. This prompted a furious trip to the fabric store while chanting the mantra, “It’s just dye. It’s just dye.”

Creative cutting diagrams…

After spending a good hour dyeing more fabric for the sleeves, I go to cut out the rest of the dress and run into another conundrum. I STILL didn’t have enough fabric! So with a bit of creative layout and piecing, I found the best layout possible with my limited fabric.  I am planning to sew the inside seams by machine, but do all finishing by hand as it looks so much better in my opinion.


Now I am only left with the issue of how to attach the sleeves. I am making a departure from screen accuracy by making this as close to medieval period accurate as possible, but I would like to keep the sleeves pretty much the same. I’ve considered making small fabric loops at the shoulder as a way to attach them, but I’m not quite sure.


Truly Victorian Ballgown Bodice

Mock-up for my ballgown bodice.

I am making a ballgown for a masquerade put on by my friend on the 13th of October and I thought It would be a great opportunity to try out Truly Victorian’s patterns as I’ve heard wonderful things about them.  I am so so glad I did! Excluding a bit of adjustment on the shoulder seam, the pattern fits perfectly! I have NEVER had a pattern fit like that without adjustments. It doesn’t fit my dressform as well as it fits myself, I need to use American Duchess’s wonderful idea of making her a bit more endowed, might do that today actually.


Boning taped in with duct-tape.

I just taped the boning in to the mock-up and even as is, it’s a really good fit. I used Store House 24″ heavy duty cable ties sold at Harbor Freight and they are fantastic! So much better than the silly plastic boning sold at fabric stores.


I feel really productive this weekend, I’ve almost completely finished the underdress for Merida and my ballgown is nearly complete!

Merida Update: Sept 28

I finished the embroidery on the sleeve cuffs for my Princess Merida costume. Technically speaking there isn’t any embroidery as far as I can tell from movie stills, but since it is on the underdress and will never be seen, I feel alright making it super pretty.

I cannot take credit for the embroidery designs, I found the border design from The Blackwork Embroidery Archives.

And the Monogram, I found at NeedlenThread.


For the underdress and gown, I will be using the same pattern as my previous medieval styled gowns.The biggest difference will be the sleeves, and I hope to have enough time to make period accurate medieval shoes, but we will see.

The light at the end of the tunnel

Okay, so I finished the Hell Dress. For the most part. I’ve still got a bunch of embroidery to do on the wool surcoat, and I think I might take in the sides on the raspberry silk dress as it’s a bit roomier than I anticipated. (And now that I look at it again, the sleeves look rather baggy, I may take them in a bit as well.)  I’ll do a full post on it later, when the embroidery is done for sure.



Am I the only person who is crazy enough to obsess about every little detail that isn’t absolutely perfect? It’s driving me nuts. First I cut the length for the raspberry silk dress a little too short, which is fine because I was going to put a contrast hem on anyway, but I’ll KNOW about it and it’s making me crazy. And then, I went to try on the dress and found out the armscyes are waaaaay too small to allow any movement of my arms. So it’s not a huge deal, but it bothers me.. Am I just crazy?

Buttons or Lacing?

Okay, so I’ve got a bit of a problem. I can’t decide whether to do buttons or lacing on this dress.

Raspberry silk.. Yummy

Yeah. It has sat on my dress form for almost a week with no progress because I can’t decided how to fasten this thing… Any suggestions?

Sideless Surcoat

So I’m working on a sideless surcoat yeah? I mentioned it in regards to silk facings.  In any case I’m using the blue wool I bought at the same time as that terrible plaid fabric of misfortune.

The dress sans facings, hemmings or trimmings. and one set of gores. . .

I’ve affectionately named this one the Hell Dress, simply because it makes my friends giggle and on account of it being referenced as the “Gates of Hell” by medieval priests. I’m planning on doing some kind of embroidery around the neckline and armholes, just to give it some kind of “prettiness factor”.

I know I'm not the best embroiderer in the world, but I was thinking with something simple, it shouldn't be too hard. I'm leaning toward the design in the middle.

Silk facings?

Okay. So I’m working on a wool sideless surcoat. I have this lovely blue wool and there wasn’t enough yardage for anything else.
After much research on the interwebs, I’ve found that silk was often used as a facing on clothing. Okay. I’m good with that… I think? Is it just me or does that seem counter intuitive?
In any case I’m going to give it a try. If not I’ll just have to redo the facings right?

Sneak peekish?

Here’s a sneak peek at the 14th Century ensemble I’m rapidly putting together. It’s still not done, but I couldn’t help posting this picture.

Raspberry silk.. Yummy

It still needs sleeves, hems, facings, and the lacings. But other than that, it’s pretty much done! The bodice seams are hand sewn, but I did machine the skirt seams, just because it would be faster.

A herd of eyelets?

How would you categorize a whole bunch of eyelets? A gaggle? A murder? Herd?

I’m going to preface this post with the disclaimer that I HATE handbound eyelets.  They’re incredibly painful to me, and I find them incredibly dull work.

That being said, I’m currently working on upwards of forty handbound eyelets for the kirtle I’m working on. Everything else but the hem is done and yet I don’t want to work on it because I hate eyelets so badly.


And I’ve only finished seven.

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