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Micro Vests in the Making

Remember my micro shrugs?

Lab coat Micro Shrug

Well, for the Salt City Steamfest, I made a sleeveless rendition for the director of the con, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine.

Reversible micro vest. 1/4 yard of both vintage sari silk and gold taffeta

It was a very huge hit, and I got several people asking whether I do commissions, so I figured I better whip a couple of these up and place them up for sale on my Etsy page. (Which, to my embarrassment, has been pretty much abandoned for several months due to lack of items to sell.)

They’re pretty easy to make and take so little fabric. Plus they’re a joy to make!

Current fabrics for micro vest in the making

It’s also a great way for me to use up scraps from previous projects like the fabrics above. I always buy more than what I think I’ll need just in case I goof up!



Sneak peek!

I’m crazy busy with a whole bunch of steampunk assorted costumes, for the upcoming convention, but here’s a sneak peak of one of the outfits.

Yes, I know it’s terribly blurry, but it’s nearly 11 pm here, and I was to eager to get this up. Better pictures when it’s assembled.

It’s not sewn together yet, as I was going to do that tomorrow, but as far as it goes right now, I’m rather happy with it. Also, the fact that I got the fabric for about 4.50 a yard was nice as well.

Coincidence or Providence

So I posted about the brocade my friend gave me,  but just barely realized the purple in it matches some 5 yards of voile I already had.


Its so coincidental I can hardly believe it. Now to find out what to do with it. . . Any suggestions?

Surprise fabric

I was recently gifted nearly four yards of beautiful Chinese brocade. My friend’s grandmother brought it back to the US from a trip to China some ten or so years ago.


I did a burn test on it, and it didn’t melt like most of the polyester/acetate brocades I’ve worked with before…

Fabric Goodies

So, since I’m currently bogged down with homework after spring break and work, I don’t have much to show you in terms of sewing. But, I haven’t taken any pictures of the fabric I bought about three weeks ago. My friend works at the local fabric store, so we always go shopping when the big sales happen.

I think this is organdy, at least that's what the fabric was labeled as at the store.

I don’t have anything planned for this fabric yet, I’ve got about 4 yards of it. The colors are a little less saturated than they are in real life, but I absolutely love the cute border. I almost don’t want to use it for anything, since it’s so cute. A bit of time in the stash should do it some good and then I’ll figure out something nice.


The colors on my camera aren't the best, this is actually a very nice rusty red/orange.

I suffered a momentary bout of madness when I bought this fabric. $3.00 a yard on sale for half price plus another discount = ~$.75 a yard. Of 50 in wide silk taffeta. And I bought eight yards. EIGHT!!! What in this good earth could I possibly make with eight yards of silk taffeta? Oh did I mention is kind of a rusty orange/red?  I must be crazzzy.

I bought other fabric as well, but have already cannibalized it for the medieval gown I’m currently working on.

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