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Quick post.

Okay quick post before I dash back to my mountains of homework. I’m making a cape! Well its I guess categorized under cape/cloak/thingy. But yeah. Grey wool with green silk lining. And embroidery.


I finished the Merida dress in time.


Its a screenshot From my phone but the best I can do right now. I’ll post more after finals are over.



Retro dress

Due to my infrequent postings, I may have forgotten to mention that my brother is getting married in November. As such, I have been asked/told to make me a new dress for the wedding.


this is the pattern I will be using. View C

I figure it will be an easy, semi casual dress I can wear other times too. The wedding colours are purple and gold, luckily I found a nice linen-look fabric at Jo-Anns which will be perfect.


I may also embroider some small flowers along the hem, just to liven things up.

Wish me luck!

Glutton for punishment

So I finished a bright blue underbust corset with an orange fish embroidered on it:

The Original Fish: Mr. Gustav

And I’m thinking of adding more fish to the panels, just for more of an effect. Here’s the corset finished, although the lighting doesn’t really like the orange colour.

I’m thinking of doing the other fish in an art nouveau style, as that’s kind of what the first fish looks like.

These are just a couple sketches of possible fish. I’m thinking of putting them on the very back end panels and one on the opposite panel to the original fish.

Luckily, I’m going camping over Memorial day, which will give me plenty of time to get this finished.




Okay, so now that I’ve finished the medieval gown that has consumed much of my spring time and now Finals week is rearing it’s terrible head, but that being said, I am going crazy with a sewing project. (excluding commissions and sewing projects for others. It’s just completely different to sew entirely for yourself.) Also I will be posting pictures of the medieval gown as soon as I can get some nice ones taken. It just doesn’t do the dress justice on a dress form.

Here’s the deal, I don’t know what to do next, but I’ve got a couple options open.

1. .Steampunk ensemble (I’ve got many of them in the works, but this one in particular.) Also pardon my terrible drawing.

Cropped Jacket, Distressed silk skirt

2. The typical Cranach style gown I posted about a while back.

Or basically any of the gowns Cranach painted... They're all pretty similar.

3. I’ve got 8 yards of rusty red taffeta, which is supposed to be an 1840’s gown.

4. The Hobbit movie is coming out in December, and as a rabid Tolkien fan, it’s almost obligatory to fantasize about making an ensemble based on the movies/book. That being said, I’m only short enough to be a hobbit, and they don’t have pretty dresses. 🙂


Any suggestions?

Skirts and Sketches

While I would love to spend all of time and energy sewing wonderful historical clothing, we all know that’s pretty much not how things go. First and foremost, I’m a college student, which means homework, homework and more homework. Add in a job, although to be honest, mine’s pretty flexible since I can sew during naptime; and devoting a lot of time to sewing is nearly impossible.

When I do sew, I usually have one large project and a bunch of smaller, more easily accomplished projects. I just finished the 1863 Zouave ensemble I was making for my little sister (which I do need to post up here, I’ve been procrastinating taking pictures), and my larger project is now a 1860’s day gown for my best friend. Big projects, I know. In terms of smaller projects, I have been sewing a bunch of skirts for daily wear.

Like this one.

  • And this one which was made with some really pretty plaid taffeta I found on clearance.

Why skirts? Well, when you’re only five feet tall with ridiculously short legs, it’s really hard to find pants that aren’t too long. And when I finally do find pants short enough, they’re usually the weird shapeless “petite” pants. I can’t find a decent pair of jeans to save my life. I’ve tried hemming pants that are too long, but that changes the shape of the pants, especially when you have to take off 4+ inches. So skirts are a better bet for me, and they’re easy enough to sew that I don’t have to buy them.

So what are these sketches mentioned in the title? Oh just little design sketches of the skirts/outfits I intend on making. It always helps to have a sketch of my idea before cutting into fabric because in my experience it always goes wrong that way.

My current "to-do" sketch.

My handwriting is difficult to read, even for me, and I’m most definitely not an artist in anyway. I printed off the template off the internet because even drawing a simple human body is way beyond my artistic abilities. The gist of it is a simple black skirt, preferably in wool if I can find some on clearance, with a red guard, most likely wool unless I magically find some silk on clearance as well. It’s pretty much a basic skirt, the shirt is where things get interesting. I love high Mandarin collars, they’re flattering and best of all, you don’t have to iron them. Combine that with my love of texture and that’s where the little detail picture on the side comes in. I could very possibly be smoking in the wind, but I would love to do honeycomb smocking on the collar and the sleeve band. With red thread. On a white shirt.

Am I crazy? Probably, but I’m gonna do this anyway. Hopefully it turns out well.


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