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An Apology

I must apologize for my absence here. Life had momentarily taken over and I found myself with less time to focus on sewing.

Luckily, due to the new school semester, I will have more research and sewing to share with you, as well as more posts. I am working on applying for an URCO grant from my university. Basically, it’s an undergraduate research grant that takes place over the course of a year.

Currently, I have two projects I’m considering for the grant:

  • To work with the university library in putting together an exhibit on the countless amazing medieval manuscripts we have in the special collection that no one ever sees. It would involve dissecting the process of making manuscripts and translating the equivalent into modern society. Basically “illuminating” the inherent “magic of the book.”
  • The second option is to document the process of taking a 2 dimensional image like a painting and translating it into physical reality. This would be most apparent with clothing, as it is something I’m comfortable with, yet it will still yield an element of challenge to it. The big emphasis would be on the recreation of the garments in a way that reflects the painting’s original garment but using what information we know from extant examples. I would probably create the clothing on a 1/2 scale as it will be easier to work with and allows for more interpretations to be made.

I haven’t exactly made a decision yet, as I would really like to do the costume concept for my senior thesis next year, but I will have to see if there is any way I could do it for both.

Also, I’ve had several commissions come in, so the moment the customers have them in hand, I will be posting pictures. . .  And rumor has it I shall be appearing as the White Rabbit in a steampunked Alice in Wonderland tea party sometime soon, so keep your eyes out for that.


Waldo has been found! Or in this case, early 16th century German painters.

I’m going to warn you now, this post is image heavy, almost to the point of simply spamming you with images. But, it’s more for my benefit, so I know which images I have and which I need to find more of.

I found more German painters, courtesy of Barbra from It’s About Time and from there, I simply did a quick Google search.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


I put the images in a slideshow, so this post isn’t ten miles long. But long story short, I found other German painters from around the same time painting the same kind of dresses as the Cranach painters!

Micro Vests in the Making

Remember my micro shrugs?

Lab coat Micro Shrug

Well, for the Salt City Steamfest, I made a sleeveless rendition for the director of the con, who also happens to be a dear friend of mine.

Reversible micro vest. 1/4 yard of both vintage sari silk and gold taffeta

It was a very huge hit, and I got several people asking whether I do commissions, so I figured I better whip a couple of these up and place them up for sale on my Etsy page. (Which, to my embarrassment, has been pretty much abandoned for several months due to lack of items to sell.)

They’re pretty easy to make and take so little fabric. Plus they’re a joy to make!

Current fabrics for micro vest in the making

It’s also a great way for me to use up scraps from previous projects like the fabrics above. I always buy more than what I think I’ll need just in case I goof up!


Where in the world are Saxon painters from the first part of the 16th Century?

So…. 16th century painters from Saxony. Besides the Cranach painters. Have you seen them? The interwebs haven’t. I checked.

I’m seriously at my wits end here. All I want is several other painters from the same provenance to collaborate the theory that the Cranach gown was not just a fictional gown made up by some crazy old painter guy. . . I may be bald by the end of the week, I’m gonna rip my hair out.


ETA: Barbra from It’s About Time just posted a lovely series of images on Bianca Maira Sforza.

What do you know, some of the gowns she wears look rather similar don’t you think?


Quick question/help?

Okay, so I apologise for not starting off with pictures of the Salt City Steamfest. I will be posting pictures however there won’t be very many, as I was working atregistration all weekend. I did host one panel on Victorian costuming with extant costumes and fashion plates. It went well and afterwards, I had one very sweet lady who asked me if I knew anything about Victorian mourning crepe. I don’t honestly know anything but I told her I would research it and then send her an email. So my question and plea for help from you my dear readers, is if you know anything about mourning crepe would you please comment here or direct me to credible sources that could possibly help.


Embroidered towel

So, in between my frantic bursts of costuming, I have done some embroidery of a small nature.


Its just an old tea towel and some embroidery thread from Jo-Anns.  I did small flowers in each corner and an embroidered B not to mention a large circle in the middle.






I made each corner a bit different. Since this turned out well, I will hopefully be embroidering the hem of the dress I’m making for my brother’s wedding.

Quick post!

Just a really quick post since I’m super busy with last minute projects for the steampunk convention happening this week. Salt City Steamfest  this Friday and Saturday in Salt Lake City Utah at the Red Lion Hotel. If you’re in Utah, you should come!
In any case, I’m super busy making last minute alterations and accessories for the convention. Currently I’ve got a ballgown with the blue and brown bustle skirt which is almost done. I just need to finish the bodice, a Scottish-ish steampunk outfit- literally thrown together with already existing items (I’ll post that later after the convention), and the fish corset outfit I finished in May.

I’ve also been working on a special thank you gift for the director of the Steamfest. She’s a dear friend and has put sooo much time and effort into creating a niche for those who love steampunk here in Utah. I will post up fabulous pictures of it later this week.
Sorry for a lack of pictures in this post, but I promise to make up for it with lots of pictures from the convention when I’m not helping with registration and panels and such. I’ll be so busy!



Retro dress

Due to my infrequent postings, I may have forgotten to mention that my brother is getting married in November. As such, I have been asked/told to make me a new dress for the wedding.


this is the pattern I will be using. View C

I figure it will be an easy, semi casual dress I can wear other times too. The wedding colours are purple and gold, luckily I found a nice linen-look fabric at Jo-Anns which will be perfect.


I may also embroider some small flowers along the hem, just to liven things up.

Wish me luck!

Dr. Who marathons make great entertainment for handsewing


Doctor Who is the best entertainment while hand sewing. I’m working on lining the train on my bustle skirt so it won’t get dirty. 


Also I made up a bustled overskirt in a brown taffeta. I’ll do a full post on it next.

Sewing pets

Nearly all the blogs I read have mention of a cat or similarly small creature assisting in the making of fabulous creations. Strangely enough, my large-ish poodle does the same thing.


See? Every time I start sewing, she follows me downstairs and takes a convenient nap in the most used walkway. She even naps on fabric scraps on the floor, as if to say “let me hang on to these so they don’t get lost. Aren’t I so helpful?”

Poodles are funny creatures.

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