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I’ve been terribly remiss about posting lately, so I figured the best way to fix that is to start posting again. (Yes I know, rather simple logic there)

I’ve wanted a cloak for a rather long time, they’re so classic and warm looking, and well, fun! So I finally saved up my pennies, bought some very expensive wool and decided to make myself  a cloak. I didn’t really use a pattern, just cut out what looked cloak-ish and went from there. I shan’t bore you with text much longer, but I will say that this is the largest embroidery project I have done to date. Currently, all I have to do left is the buttons, buttonholes, and finishing the neck seam so there aren’t any raw edges showing.

It took about two yards of wool and two yards of emerald green silk taffeta for the lining, and three different spools of thread for the embroidery. I typically use Gutermann embroidery thread as opposed to the floss, the sheen is better and I don’t have to worry about separating the strands. All of this embroidery was done with a chain stitch. IMG_20121114_130552 IMG_20121116_001338 IMG_20130112_220411 IMG_20130112_220424 IMG_20130112_220438 IMG_20130112_220449


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2 thoughts on “Cloak

  1. I take it this is for day to day wear? I love the flashes of green

  2. Yes ma’am. I work a couple costumed events throughout the year, and this year, there have been several during the winter and I decided that a cloak would be easier to deal with than a coat. Plus it’ll look fantastic for my friend’s fantasy themed wedding in two weeks.

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