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Holy Hoopskirts Batman!

So…. I promised back in November (?) that I’d make an 1860’s ensemble for my friend. After consulting the inside of my eyelids on a daily basis for nearly six months and ignoring her texts/phone calls, I’ve finally caved. I made her hoopskirt. (In this project I’m very literally just following her directions/specifications/instructions without question since it’s her dress and not mine) Did I mention she wanted a big hoop? As in 150″ circumference? Yep that’s right.

So this weekend, I made it. Well mostly, it’s almost finished, but for lack of a better post and finals right around the corner, I decided I’d post it anyway.

I just used some leftover cotton for the skirt base and steel fish-tape (wire pull) for the boning. That part was fun, playing with a dremel tool to cut them to the right size. I still think it could be a little smaller, as this behemoth takes up the entire walkway from the downstairs living room to my bedroom, but again, not my skirt.  As both of us are short, I think I’ll just hem up the rest under the last bone and leave it there. (On a side note, being short isn’t too bad, we could definitely pass as Hobbits in nearly any circumstance!)


Once finals are over, I’ll be posting more regularly and sewing a lot more as well.




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3 thoughts on “Holy Hoopskirts Batman!

  1. Does she realize what she will have to go through to….well….go through a door?

    • You know, I honestly don’t think she factored in the contemporary narrow door widths as opposed to the wider doors made in the Victorian period. I’m still working on convincing her that a 130″ hoop is *more* than big enough.

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