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Okay, so now that I’ve finished the medieval gown that has consumed much of my spring time and now Finals week is rearing it’s terrible head, but that being said, I am going crazy with a sewing project. (excluding commissions and sewing projects for others. It’s just completely different to sew entirely for yourself.) Also I will be posting pictures of the medieval gown as soon as I can get some nice ones taken. It just doesn’t do the dress justice on a dress form.

Here’s the deal, I don’t know what to do next, but I’ve got a couple options open.

1. .Steampunk ensemble (I’ve got many of them in the works, but this one in particular.) Also pardon my terrible drawing.

Cropped Jacket, Distressed silk skirt

2. The typical Cranach style gown I posted about a while back.

Or basically any of the gowns Cranach painted... They're all pretty similar.

3. I’ve got 8 yards of rusty red taffeta, which is supposed to be an 1840’s gown.

4. The Hobbit movie is coming out in December, and as a rabid Tolkien fan, it’s almost obligatory to fantasize about making an ensemble based on the movies/book. That being said, I’m only short enough to be a hobbit, and they don’t have pretty dresses. 🙂


Any suggestions?


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