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Fabric Goodies

So, since I’m currently bogged down with homework after spring break and work, I don’t have much to show you in terms of sewing. But, I haven’t taken any pictures of the fabric I bought about three weeks ago. My friend works at the local fabric store, so we always go shopping when the big sales happen.

I think this is organdy, at least that's what the fabric was labeled as at the store.

I don’t have anything planned for this fabric yet, I’ve got about 4 yards of it. The colors are a little less saturated than they are in real life, but I absolutely love the cute border. I almost don’t want to use it for anything, since it’s so cute. A bit of time in the stash should do it some good and then I’ll figure out something nice.


The colors on my camera aren't the best, this is actually a very nice rusty red/orange.

I suffered a momentary bout of madness when I bought this fabric. $3.00 a yard on sale for half price plus another discount = ~$.75 a yard. Of 50 in wide silk taffeta. And I bought eight yards. EIGHT!!! What in this good earth could I possibly make with eight yards of silk taffeta? Oh did I mention is kind of a rusty orange/red?  I must be crazzzy.

I bought other fabric as well, but have already cannibalized it for the medieval gown I’m currently working on.


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