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A herd of eyelets?

How would you categorize a whole bunch of eyelets? A gaggle? A murder? Herd?

I’m going to preface this post with the disclaimer that I HATE handbound eyelets.  They’re incredibly painful to me, and I find them incredibly dull work.

That being said, I’m currently working on upwards of forty handbound eyelets for the kirtle I’m working on. Everything else but the hem is done and yet I don’t want to work on it because I hate eyelets so badly.


And I’ve only finished seven.


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10 thoughts on “A herd of eyelets?

  1. you might find you get a neater finish if you start off with quarter stitches to keep the hole open, then work round two or three times filling inbetween them – they look better if the outer edge forms a smooth line.

    eyelets aren’t so bad if you put a good dvd on, they’re pretty mindless

  2. Looks like mini-series watching work. Maybe you can divide the number of eyelets in episodic form and watch that Ken Burns you’ve been saving on the DVR!

    • I actually popped in Star Wars Episode 2, and then Mulan following to watch! It didn’t take as much time as I thought. I even got done in time to watch the new episode of Full Metal Jousting! 🙂


  3. A frustration of eyelets! That’s really how it feels to me!

    A few years back I had a post about collective nouns for costumers. There were all sorts of fantastic suggestions, and then they got wiped in the terrible comment loss incident of summer ’10. This is what is left:

    • Frustration is definitely how it is for me. Eyelets are painfully dull, but to skip out and use metal grommets, feels like cheating to me.
      That definitely is a fantastic list of nouns for costumers, someone needs to publish a costumer’s dictionary with all sorts of things like that.


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