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Amazon women.

Apparently I must either be freakishly short or the lady who first modeled this pattern was at least seven feet tall…


Dress pattern.

I’m five foot nothing, and the woman who would fit into this must be an Amazon woman or something. 

Plus you get a sneak peek at the kilted skirt, but that’s for a later post.


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6 thoughts on “Amazon women.

  1. thats going to be far too long in the body for you, even if you shorten the skirt

    • Yeah. I’m going to have to re-draft the whole thing. I know I’m short, and I don’t mind shortening patterns a bit, but this is really ridiculous.

      • its not that difficult though, just use an old sheet to make a toile.

        I’ve never actaully used a pattern in all my years of making costume, they look like more trouble than they’re worth to me

      • That’s exactly what I’m doing today. 🙂
        I don’t mind using patterns if it means I can save time, especially since I’m a college student, but I think this time around, using a pattern is going to take more time than if I had just drafted the darn thing myself.
        Ah well, that’s life I guess.


  2. Ha ha! That is funny! Sewing is not rocket science…why do these weird things happen to all of us!

    • Yeah! Granted I am really petite, being all of five nothing, so that probably makes a difference. I cut off about a foot of the hemline of the pattern and redrafted the bodice part. It’s still about six inches too long on me though! Haha, maybe sewing really is rocket science!

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