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So, I ordered some fabric from DenverFabrics.


The plaid is a cotton, and the blue a very nice wool. I washed them as soon as I got them, just to get rid of the shipping smell. The wool washed fine, I put it in the bathtub with really cold water. And I put the cotton in the washer. But the very nice black and red plaid decided it needed a new look and I got this.


It’s hard to see, but its more pink and black than black and white and red. Bummer……


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9 thoughts on “Fabric….

  1. Not as nice as the original but still nice.

  2. I still like it- tho I hate when my initial vision turns pink on me!

  3. Will it be a dry clean only outfit?

  4. I really like it post-dye-bleed. It looks cool.

    I kind of like it when projects do that to me… It’s almost like the fabric is telling me I’m not in complete control…

    • I was pretty lucky that the color bled evenly. I sent a picture of it to my friend and she couldn’t even tell it had bled.

      I definitely agree with you on the fabric having a mind of its own. Originally, this was supposed to be part of a steampunk dress, but it clearly.told me it was going to be a skirt.


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