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The Finished Steampunk Skirt

I finished the steampunk skirt from last week yesterday.


I added about 8 yards of tulle for the underskirt and even without any other petticoats you can see how poofy it is just with that.


I found some really really nice black taffeta on clearance and can’t wait to get started on the real deal.

In other news, I’ve convinced my friend to go for a 130-40″ hoop after I mentioned it would be wider than she was tall. We’re still doing the bodice that came with the pattern, since she doesn’t want an evening dress.

Also the fabric I bought from DenverFabrics the other week during their big sale should be here tomorrow. I’m rather excited.


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3 thoughts on “The Finished Steampunk Skirt

  1. Nice poof on the steam punk skirt. How are you going to deal with the bodice issue? Will the smaller hoop give you enough material for the bodice she wants? Or will you have to buy more material?

    • Thanks! I’ve decided not to fight my friend on the bodice debate. I’ll make the one from the pattern and I’ll just have to be happy with it. Since we are using a smaller hoop, there might be enough fabric to do a Zouave jacket with a nice white blouse as an alternate. I’m hoping we won’t have to buy more fabric, since we got the silk during a clearance sale and haven’t found the same silk since…

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