my crazy life

Progress and some back-tracking.

I’ve finished the mock-up for the steampunk skirtI’m currently working on. . . And by finished I mean, I finished the front section of the skirt. I’ll finish the back, but I really just needed an estimate of how much fabric I would potentially need.

Inspiration image.

So that’s the inspiration image I posted before. I decided to go with the typical 3 tiered gathering, which wasn’t hard at all.  The top tier would have 56″, the second, 70″, and the bottom 84″. That was the original plan, but as you know things always change. I doubled the bottom tier, so that adds up to a grand total of 164″ gathered into 70″, gathered into 40″.

Front Skirt part

What do you think? I put the corded petticoat and underpetticoat from my sister’s zouave ensemble just to give it some body. It’s really full and the front part only took up about 2 yards of fabric with a good bit left over.

As for the back-tracking, after a wonderfully nice comment from the The Dreamstress on my sewing conundrum. I have decided to blackmail convince my friend to go for a smaller hoop and an evening dress as opposed to an afternoon or day dress.

In other news, I bought myself some really nice blue wool and black and cranberry plaid suiting for my birthday. 🙂 It just shipped today so I’ll get it some time next week and I’m incredibly excited.


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