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I’ve mentioned I like the steampunk style yes? Well I do. It combines my love of Victorian styles and the creative almost dystopian future I enjoy reading about. Also it’s an easy way to incorporate my own personal style into the everyday clothes I wear without appearing to costumey since I can add little steampunk details into the shirts or accessories I wear.

Anyway… I’ve been given the opportunity to sew a steampunk style skirt for a wonderful photographer/model here in Utah. I’m friends with her on Facebook and have admired her style for quite a while.

Skirt inspiration

The skirt seems easy enough, and she wants it in black so I’m hoping to find a nice crisp taffeta or similar fabric with a nice crisp body. I’ve been stewing over this all last night, I even dreamed about it, and I’ve come to the conclusion that I have two different options for making this:

  • I can use the basic tiered ruffle skirt that’s very easy to do. A waistband, the first tier double the waist measurement, second tier 2.3-3 times the waist measurement and then at least 3-4 times the waist measurement for the last tier since it’s significantly more ruffled than the others.
  • Or I can do a basic circle skirt pattern and then ruffle the tiers to fit the pattern. This would solve the fullness issue while still having a certain amount of shape and drape to the skirt.

So I’m going to ruminate on that a bit more, but I’m really excited to be doing this. And I hope it turns out well.



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