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In progress….

So, after a lot of experimentation with honeycomb smocking on this design, I decided that it would not be very affective for a cuff and collar on a shirt. Bummer. But I was determined to have a nice white shirt with red detailing, so I fell back on Plan B. I had a really nice sweater/jumper with a false white shirt underneath.

Kinda like this, but much cuter with a Mandarin collar and buttons.

I got it almost four years ago in a second hand store in Texas and has been my favorite shirt ever since. Because it was my favorite shirt, that left it to the perils of the washing machine and dryer more frequently than the rest of the shirts in my closet. As a result, the sleeves were starting to thin, and the white shirt parts were no longer white, but more of a blue-grey-ish color from the washing. So with a heavy heart, I cut it apart and am currently in the process of remaking this beloved shirt. As such I thought it a good opportunity to put red detailing on the sleeve cuffs and collar.

I love Blackwork embroidery. It’s timeless and simple while looking elegant and engaging. Since the smocking didn’t turn out, I turned to blackwork, or in this case scarletwork.

This is the pattern I chose from the Blackwork Embroidery Archives.

The sleee cuff. On the top you can see where I haven't removed the waste canvas yet.

I’ve managed to finish the sleeve cuffs and I was going to start the collar tonight, but I got a pleasant surprise in the mail. (Well not really a surprise since I ordered it, but it was nice to get it today.

18th Century Embroidery Techniques

I’m not an embroiderer. At all. But I will attempt my best at all of these techniques because I really really really really really really want to be able to embroider. So I shall practice till my fingers are covered with holes.


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3 thoughts on “In progress….

  1. I used to embroider a long long time ago…yet another thing my dear old grandma taught me. One day I will use that skill on something wonderful. But, not so wonderful that it takes me forever to do it!

    • I’m self taught in basically everything textiles related since my mother doesn’t have the hand for those kinds of things. By that I mean that she knows how to embroider and such, but rarely does it. My grandmother does cross-stitch but I never found it very entertaining or enjoyable. But I want to embroider so bad my teeth hurt, and I start an embroidery project, only to be disappointed in how it turns out so I give up. But I’m determined to learn one way or another.

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