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The very old steampunk outfit.

So, long backstory here, way back in May, my friend and I decided it would be fun to make steampunk inspired outfits for Halloween. As my friend does not sew (although she does possess a very nice Bernina machine I am jealous of) I offered to design and sew them.

In order to make everything easier, we picked a general pattern to base ours on. We picked Simplicity pattern 2172

Simplicity 2172

It’s not my favorite pattern in the world, it’s kind of plain, it has fitting issues, and honestly, it’s a costume. But it worked for what we were doing.  I used a red striped silk taffeta and due to budgetary restraints, brown poly-shantung for mine, and simple blue, black and jester print for my friend. So now that I’ve bored you with the details, on to the pictures.


First the petticoat I wrote about earlier.

The finished petticoat

Next the skirt. As you can see I pulled up the front section to show the petticoat and shortened the skirt to mid-calf ( which by the way meant shortening the pattern by about a foot. Yes I’m that short.)


And the rest of the ensemble. I changed the sleeves and made the overall coat shorter as well.

I wish I had photos of my friend’s dress, since I think it’s so much prettier than mine, but I’ll have to convince her to bring it back for a photoshoot sometime.

Overall, it’s not my favorite best dress ever, but I think it works

This isn’t my favorite picture of me wearing the dress, but I guess it will have to do.




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6 thoughts on “The very old steampunk outfit.

  1. I don’t really do steam punk but I appreciate the fun of it. I found a jewlery maker at a craft show that deconstructs old watches and jewlery and makes nice new pieces that I believe would make great steam punk accessories. I bought a couple of pieces for myself. Maybe I may have to make an outfit to go with the pieces….

    • That’s a great idea, to make an outfit around the pieces you already have. At first, I wasn’t a big fan of steampunk, but the aesthetic eventually grew on me. The creativity and ingenuity of a mildly old fashioned dystopian society intrigues me. And you can still make the biggest ball gown ever with the right accessories and still be steampunk.


  2. it doedsn’t look as terrible as you ake it sound, but I empathise with the dissatisfaction opf aking a dress up dress rather than a proper one. sorry, the letter between n and o and y keyboard is not working today

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