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Dream Dress

So I know this sounds crazy since I’ve already got several other dresses already lined up in the near future:

  • 1860’s day dress for my friend in green silk
  • An 1863 Zouave ensemble for my little sister – christmas present so it’s gotta get done soon
  • An 1860’s or 1880’s dress for me in either brown or raspberry silk yet to be determined
  • A Robe a la Anglaise for my friend – same friend as above to go with her American Duchess Georgiana Silk Shoes
  • Apparently I’m making 17th Century ensembles for my friends this year – preferably before Halloween although I don’t know where they would wear them
  • A 15th century dress in there somewhere as well

But!!!!! I really really really want to make this dress.

Salome with the Head of St John the Baptist (Lucas Cranach the Elder, ca.1530s)


Isn’t it gorgeous? I’m a little afraid of the slashed sleeves and all of the details on the sleeves, but it’s the skirt that I absolutely love. Did I ever mention I love pleated skirts? Well I do. And this one is fabulous.

One day in the future I’ll make this dress, but until then, I’ll have to settle for all of the Victorian styles I’m currently sewing.




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2 thoughts on “Dream Dress

  1. If all your friends have 17th cent. costumes you need to host a themed Halloween party. To make it morbid you could say you were all gathered for the hanging of a queen.

    • That could very well work, we are of the morbid variety when it comes to history! (My friend and I have had a *fake* defenestration hit list for people who annoy us since the 10th grade where we learned about the Defenestration of Prague.)

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