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A new dressform!

So life gets busy as usual and turns out its nearly December and I have yet to post more than twice on here. So much for the organization part of this shindig.

In any case, I have a new dress form. I’m lucky enough to have a friend who works at Joann’s Fabrics and she kindly snagged one of the doorbuster dress forms for me. It’s the Dritz Simple Fit and I haven’t really tested it out yet, but so far it looks promising. (We’ll ignore the fact that she got the wrong size and we had to take it back to exchange it. Turns out dress forms come in sizes… she didn’t know that! )

Dritz Simple fit

I’m currently working on a dress for my younger sister, as a Christmas present. It’s a 1863 reproduction pattern for a young lady/girl and I was totally cheap and tore apart an old prom dress for this project. I’ll post pictures later when I’ve got the time, but so far it’s coming along great and I really enjoy sewing this era.



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4 thoughts on “A new dressform!

  1. Not cheap…frugal and true to the victorian sense of value given to fabrics. They frequently remade dresses for new wearers and new styles! You go girl.
    A new dress form is on my wish list. It really is a bugger trying to fit yourself…especially the back of a bodice!

    • I know! I drafted my friend’s and my own steampunk mock-ups without a dress form before borrowing another friend’s dress form.

      The only thing I dislike about reusing that dress is that it is synthetic and I much prefer to work with natural materials, however it was the best choice for this project.


  2. I wish I could afford to use natural fibers more. But, my taste is expensive. I like the look of the silk dresses but if I copy them in real silk it will just kill my budget. I have to settle for silk wanna be.

    • My taste is also expensive, I spend at least a couple hours each week scouring the clearance wall of my local fabric store, and I save coupons like crazy. I also set aside some of my paycheck each week for really good fabric finds. It’s usually every other month that I find clearance silk at my local Joann’s.


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