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A pretty pretty petticoat

So, my friend and I decided to make steampunk costumes for Halloween. Crazy I know, but I figured why not. Coincidentally, I finished both dresses way before I started this blog, but just a couple weeks ago I decided to make a very pretty petticoat for my dress.

The finished petticoat

I used  The Dreamstress’s drawstring petticoat tutorial  and her cord gathering tutorial which were wonderful AAAND, I was crazy enough to want an embroidered ruffle. . .

My flash is terrible, but the embroidery is soo pretty

The embroidery took me nearly two weeks and I only embroidered the front part because it was taking too long (also its historically accurate for petticoats to be made from super nice fabric and/or embroidered only in the front section to save on money).

But now it looks so nice, it was totally worth it.  What do you think?



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3 thoughts on “A pretty pretty petticoat

  1. Nice! I have a petticoat that was made by a friend for me but I do want to have several made by moi and I want one or two to have that special hand done touch. I need to quit working. My job is getting in the way of my hobbies! Oh wait…it is my job that is paying for my hobbies…and my food and shelter….sigh.

  2. I have the exact conundrum, however my current job is really flexible and I get to sew during nap time. 😛 It is rather difficult to sew and keep a job full-time.


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